Renowned for his loyalty, courage, love of nature and his aversion to (and love of taking chunks out of) Romans, Idefix embodies the spirit of the gang. Leadership with a soft touch as a result of his emotional intelligence and empathy. Big-hearted and sentimental, he encourages his friends to adopt his empathetic approach to others.

His power:
a keen sense of smell


Stamina is Idefix’s best friend. Our hero took Stamina under his wing when the whippet was abandoned by her former masters. This leggy female whippet follows Idefix everywhere he goes. Slender, sporty, full of beans and incapable of sitting still, she would drop everything to run after a stick or a ball !

Her power:
runs at the speed of light… just like Flash


Gluttonix is the group’s muscle man. Originally from Tolosa, this bulldog stands out with his southern accent, his strength and his insatiable appetite! His masters, Bonemarra and Offalix, own the best butcher’s shop in Lutetia : Gluttonix is a simple soul, he fell into it when he was a little dog and is now something of a sausage friend.

His power:
strong as an ox, he can knock Romans down like bowling pins


A cocky alley cat with a Parisian accent and a propensity for speaking in slang, Bantera sticks out like a sore thumb in the Indomitables team. Never where you expect to find her, coming and going from the gang’s hideout as she pleases, Bantera values her freedom above all. Well-versed in the trials and tribulations of life on Lutetia’s streets, she will save them more than once.

Her power:
a mix of Black Widow and Wolverine… with her razor-sharp claws


Asmatix is a very, very old Lutetian pigeon. This Gaulish war veteran was wounded while carrying messages to the front to defeated Gaulish leader Camulogene. He is a fountain of Lutetian knowledge and acts as Dogmatix’s mentor.

His power:
a bottomless well of knowledge… and he can fly!


Nocturnix lives on the banks of the Seine, next to the dilapidated hut where Psychoanalytix, the last druid of Lutetia, moved to escape the Romans. And Nocturnix claims to be a druid himself. Need an invisibility potion for that incognito mission ? He turns you glow-in-the-dark right in the middle of a night-time chase !

HiS power:
a druid-in-training…and his magic potions have unpredictable side effects that provide for plenty of laughs


Since winning the war against Camulogene’s army, the Romans have only had one objective: Romanize this little provincial town as fast as possible so they can return to the capital, the great Rome, and Labienus can have his Triumph!