Idefix (aka Dogmatix) is a famous little white dog from the cult “Asterix & Obelix” comic books that have been around since 1963. He is cherished by generations of fans who have been following his adventures over the years through comic books and movies, and now get to see him in a TV series for kids aged 4 to 8! But who exactly is Idefix? What was he doing before he met those two Gaulish heroes Asterix and Obelix?

Idefix grew up in Lutetia (kind of an Olivier Twist situation…but with a dog. And set in ancient Paris). He knows every part of the city like the back of his paw and is always ready to help animals and humans alike.


Comedy / Action

Family + Kids 4-8 y/o

Q4 2021

Idefix may be small…
but he’s a BIG hero

Apart from being totally adorable, he is VERY smart and can get out of just about any situation pretty quickly. Thanks to his keen sense of smell, he can track anyone and anything.

A family friendly action-comedy TV show

Idefix is surrounded by a fantastic gang of friendly animals with superpowers that would make any superhero proud.


The bulldog is as strong as an ox, he can knock Romans down like bowling pins.


The young female dog runs at the speed of light…just like Flash.


The alley cat is a mix
of Black Widow and
Wolverine…with her
razor-sharp claws.


The pigeon is a bottomless well of knowledge…and he can fly!


The owl is a druid-in-training…and his magic potions have unpredictable side effects that provide for plenty of laughs

The setting :
ancient Paris (Lutetia)

Lutetia and its surroundings provide the backdrop for Idefix and the Indomitables.

Imagine a picture postcard of antiquity with a touch of modern-day Paris in the shape of famous landmarks like the Tour Eiffel, the Sacré Cœur and the Moulin Rouge…

What happens
in the episodes?

In each episode, Idefix and his friends have to battle it out with the Romans (who insist on imposing their way of life on the Gaulish people). It’s that centuries-old battle between the strong and the weak, big men vs little guys, bullies vs underdogs!

With its fast-paced high jinks, high-speed chases and a touch of (ani)magic, Idefix and the Indomitables will provide great fun and adventures for all!


Les Editions Albert René
Studio 58
GMT productions

Charles Vaucelle (Oggy and the cockroaches, Pat the Dog, Osmond, Rolling with the Ronks!,
Daltons, A Kind of Magic)